Nobu – Berkeley Street

Being quarter Japanese, I do love Japanese cuisine so I have been to a fair few places that do Japanese food. However, if you are going to London, Nobu is a must. In the heart of Mayfair, you are bound to be in for a luxury treat however is no place for your Nike Huaraches or a bandana that’s for sure.


Being renowned for one of the most glamorous restaurants, I was pretty god damn excited for the experience. I was there with a guy friend and we were greeted with smiles upon entrance and showed to our table by a lovely Italian lady. As we sat down amongst maybe Britain’s most good looking other Nobu customers, before I could even get to grips with the beautiful interior, we had been poured a bottle of Fiji water. It was almost like a dream? Not Evian, not Buxton, just a casual bottle of Fiji water in a metal case, no biggie. I mean can you even get those in the shops? I think I have only seen them on celeb instagrams, anyway this seemed to be the norm so I just went with it.

Something that was very apparent in the first half an hour was the level of service, within this half an hour, we were checked on regularly and my wine glass was topped up casually and with a smile which was lovely. Plus she also said she thought my friend and I were a great looking couple – brownie points to the Italian waitress for the compliment although he was deffo punching..

The guy I went with was a bit of a regular so chose the supposed best things on the menu which consisted of the following:

Baby Tiger Shrimp Tempura

I have had shrimp before but this one was enravelled with what I can only describe as the most mouth watering light batter I’ve ever tasted. It came with three sauces, Jalapeno (yuck I hate jallies, so not my thing but could be someones thing), a thousand island lookalike but with a luxury edge and some sort of soya sauce encrusted with diamonds and sapphires. Apart for the jallie sauce, the other two were delightful. I actually felt like a child, as the food was ridiculously good, and the presentation was impeccable as well. The portion sizes was big as well; we didn’t manage to finish but this was absolutely delicious so this should be on your top list if you go.

New Style Beef Sashimi

“Do you like Sashimi” asked my friend, in my mind I was thinking what the fuck is Sashimi? Is that the same as Sushimi? Am I pronouncing it right? It sort it sounds like a breed of dog but obviously, like a noob, I answered “Erm what is Sashimi?” It was described to be as finely sliced beef, briefly seared and I tell you what. It was just that… holy guacamole it was good. It almost melts in your mouth and it was in some sort of soya sauce but with a slight hint of euphoric zest?

Nobu Scallop Tacos

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


At this point, my palette was well prepared for the next dish as my mouth was watering! However, this taco was firstly in a leaf and was larger than suspected. I recently had my wisdom teeth out and had problems with my jaw opening to its full potential let’s say. Therefore, as I attempted to fit this bundle of tasty wonderlust into my mouth, with the additional struggle of the perfectly sculpted chop sticks, the taco bounced back out of my mouth after smacking my teeth which were locked at a certain distance apart… As you can imagine, I was mortified. At least I attempted, I guess it’s the effort that counts and my friend found it funny (or at least he pretended to find it funny whilst he was probably repulsed). God knows what that orange crap on the top was, but it was the best crap I had ever tasted. Amazing crap on top of the best cooked scallops that have ever laid on my tongue – literally food porn.


Black Cod

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


“You must have had Black Cod before” I just nodded as if I had OBVIOUSLY had black cod before. I mean DUHH, obviously, I eat at these places all the time, benjamins to burn, too much dollar in the pockets me! However, this really was an amazing dish, it was so well cooked, best fish I have ever had in my life. I always find actually cooking fish, is very hard to cook well, therefore I had some some serious appreciation for the dish. It was really soft, and due to the fish being cooked in a Japanese wood- burning oven (don’t know what the flip that is, but I read it on the website), it had a smoky flavour.

We did order some Sushi as well but got a tad distracted amidst the great Pinot Noir and left without it being delivered! But I can only imagine that it would be the creme de la creme of all sushi.

Overall this is my first michelin star restaurant review and the experience was incredible  to be honest. I think I will struggle to find a better place for Japanese food – next stop Sushi Samba. But if in London area lads, dress to impress, bring a hot date and head down to Nobu Berkeley Street – you won’t regret it.





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