iS Clinical Review – S-Thetics Clinic


So a couple of months ago, I was approached by Miss Sherina Balaratnam, a fully qualified surgeon who has specialised in the latest non-surgical cosmetic treatments throughout the last 8 years, I know, casual. The clinic is in Beaconsfield and is such a lovely place where you are greeted with smiles and everyone that works there looks like there skin has been photoshopped to be quite honest. It’s like a commercial their skin is that good!

She began to teach me of the ways of cosmeceuticals products versus cosmetic. In a nutshell, the ingredients in a pharmaceutical based product are always going to be purer and of a higher quality therefore better results.

So whilst we all spend away on a high street products, we may as well save our money and put it towards higher end products that actually work! I am having serious “ragrats” about forking out so much money on cosmetic skincare as it is something that I have always been very passionate about.

I have tried numerous brands of cosmetic skincare, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Simple products, haven’t we all? But which one actually works is the pending question I hear you ask. iS Clinical… That is what works and that’s how the cookie crumbles ladies and gents.

iS Clinical, which in itself, sounds god damn serious. All of the range use Botanical based ingredients which are of the highest purity which cosmetic products will never have.

The range slaps cosmetic skincare round the face with the ingredients being of the highest purity, and the products are formed without chemicals or parabens, so you could say very ‘au natural’.

The product range is used by some of the top celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley not because they are paid to use it but because it actually works.

You use five products every day,  and I trialled this for a total of 6 weeks. The smell of all the products is enough to make you want to rub it on your face, it has such a fresh and natural smell with all having such great consistencies.

So you drag yourself out of bed in the morning and start your day with the ‘Cleansing Complex’ which is the deep cleansing step which you use morning and night. You lightly damp your face and rub in circular motions. The solution comes out of the bottle as a gel however, as you rub it into your face in circular motions, it turns almost into a silky cloud of foam. This resurfacing cleanser helps to smoothen the skin, remove makeup and reduce pore size aka, an all round bargain. Within days my skin felt baby bum smooth, and because of this I actually started not wearing makeup during the day ( I know… it must be serious).

The ‘Serious’ Serums

In the morning you apply two serums before moisturising, which is the Super Serum Advance, and the Hydra Cool Serum. The Super Serum is applied first as this is your daily dose of antioxidants in a bottle;  a combination of Vitamin C concentrate to prevent DNA damage on the face, reduce fine lines and is so potent that it effectively treats hyperpigmentation and scar tissue (For any readers with acne scars on the face, this would be great for you).

This was my favourite serum as you only need two or three drops and you can feel a slight tingle when you apply it (in a good way). I also suffer from hyperpigmentation and this is the first thing that actually reduced this which was actually nice to see results from a product so early on.

Secondly, the Hydra-Cool Serum which provides a concentrated amount of antioxidants to penetrate the lower levels of your skin for ultimate hydration. This serum is a great option for oily skin. This I used both in the morning, and in the evening because it gives your skin a dewy and bright look.

In the evening, I was recommended the White Lightening Complex Serum as this is a healthy way to treat hyperpigmentation by reducing the melanin production in the face. A perfect and safe way to even out the skintone good for people with pigmentation concerns. Followed by the Hydra Cool again to give your skin that extra hydration for a super speedy skin cell regeneration overnight.

The best thing about all the serums is that they come in a sleek, glass bottle with a pipet top, as you only need a few drops on the face. I mean I have had a few people come into my room and immediately ask what it is as it looks so god damn classy. The appearance of the brand shouts professional, pharmaceutical and most of all, potent.

Now moving onto the last two magic moisturisers to go alongside these fantastically light serums. One for the day and one for the evening, so this part is simple!

In the morning, start your day with Extreme Protect SPF Treatment Moisturiser. The most important thing that I have learnt with this brand is how important it is to wear SPF everyday which is a great combination to this morning moisture surge. Due to it being a broad range spectrum UVA and UVB protection, it is clinically proven to prevent DNA damage and repair collagen damage. In a nutshell, youth in a cream. This cream is something to get used to, as it does come out rather thick due to the strong UV protection so it takes a good 10 minutes to sink in. Nonetheless, works as a great base for makeup and most importantly, prevents sun damage and premature ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles.

Finally, in the evening after a long day of hard work, you apply the Moisturising Complex after your night time serums. This is a very light but hydrating moisturiser which acts to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, provide an anti-oxidants and hydrates… I know, all in one bottle! This is almost instantly absorbed by the skin as it is a very smooth consistency.

Overall, a good product however a bit pricey but this is due to the purity of all of the ingredients used and it has that extra concentration of ingredients for maximum efficacy and most of all amazing results. Ma girl Gwyneth and Rosie don’t just use it for fun, the product actually works.

I would recommend visiting Miss Sherina as she can tell you what your skin needs and tailor your skin care regime based on this. If you are interested in the product, pop into the clinic and you can buy the product straight from there! Have a browse on the website and see for yourself…


Nobu – Berkeley Street

Being quarter Japanese, I do love Japanese cuisine so I have been to a fair few places that do Japanese food. However, if you are going to London, Nobu is a must. In the heart of Mayfair, you are bound to be in for a luxury treat however is no place for your Nike Huaraches or a bandana that’s for sure.


Being renowned for one of the most glamorous restaurants, I was pretty god damn excited for the experience. I was there with a guy friend and we were greeted with smiles upon entrance and showed to our table by a lovely Italian lady. As we sat down amongst maybe Britain’s most good looking other Nobu customers, before I could even get to grips with the beautiful interior, we had been poured a bottle of Fiji water. It was almost like a dream? Not Evian, not Buxton, just a casual bottle of Fiji water in a metal case, no biggie. I mean can you even get those in the shops? I think I have only seen them on celeb instagrams, anyway this seemed to be the norm so I just went with it.

Something that was very apparent in the first half an hour was the level of service, within this half an hour, we were checked on regularly and my wine glass was topped up casually and with a smile which was lovely. Plus she also said she thought my friend and I were a great looking couple – brownie points to the Italian waitress for the compliment although he was deffo punching..

The guy I went with was a bit of a regular so chose the supposed best things on the menu which consisted of the following:

Baby Tiger Shrimp Tempura

I have had shrimp before but this one was enravelled with what I can only describe as the most mouth watering light batter I’ve ever tasted. It came with three sauces, Jalapeno (yuck I hate jallies, so not my thing but could be someones thing), a thousand island lookalike but with a luxury edge and some sort of soya sauce encrusted with diamonds and sapphires. Apart for the jallie sauce, the other two were delightful. I actually felt like a child, as the food was ridiculously good, and the presentation was impeccable as well. The portion sizes was big as well; we didn’t manage to finish but this was absolutely delicious so this should be on your top list if you go.

New Style Beef Sashimi

“Do you like Sashimi” asked my friend, in my mind I was thinking what the fuck is Sashimi? Is that the same as Sushimi? Am I pronouncing it right? It sort it sounds like a breed of dog but obviously, like a noob, I answered “Erm what is Sashimi?” It was described to be as finely sliced beef, briefly seared and I tell you what. It was just that… holy guacamole it was good. It almost melts in your mouth and it was in some sort of soya sauce but with a slight hint of euphoric zest?

Nobu Scallop Tacos

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


At this point, my palette was well prepared for the next dish as my mouth was watering! However, this taco was firstly in a leaf and was larger than suspected. I recently had my wisdom teeth out and had problems with my jaw opening to its full potential let’s say. Therefore, as I attempted to fit this bundle of tasty wonderlust into my mouth, with the additional struggle of the perfectly sculpted chop sticks, the taco bounced back out of my mouth after smacking my teeth which were locked at a certain distance apart… As you can imagine, I was mortified. At least I attempted, I guess it’s the effort that counts and my friend found it funny (or at least he pretended to find it funny whilst he was probably repulsed). God knows what that orange crap on the top was, but it was the best crap I had ever tasted. Amazing crap on top of the best cooked scallops that have ever laid on my tongue – literally food porn.


Black Cod

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


“You must have had Black Cod before” I just nodded as if I had OBVIOUSLY had black cod before. I mean DUHH, obviously, I eat at these places all the time, benjamins to burn, too much dollar in the pockets me! However, this really was an amazing dish, it was so well cooked, best fish I have ever had in my life. I always find actually cooking fish, is very hard to cook well, therefore I had some some serious appreciation for the dish. It was really soft, and due to the fish being cooked in a Japanese wood- burning oven (don’t know what the flip that is, but I read it on the website), it had a smoky flavour.

We did order some Sushi as well but got a tad distracted amidst the great Pinot Noir and left without it being delivered! But I can only imagine that it would be the creme de la creme of all sushi.

Overall this is my first michelin star restaurant review and the experience was incredible  to be honest. I think I will struggle to find a better place for Japanese food – next stop Sushi Samba. But if in London area lads, dress to impress, bring a hot date and head down to Nobu Berkeley Street – you won’t regret it.




Ten Minute Makeover in under Ten products…



So we all dread the waking up, getting ready for work and having to look half presentable to be seen in public. Therefore I have nailed a look which takes just 10 minutes (maybe 15 if you’re a faffer) to get you out the door.


I know that if I don’t wear makeup out in public, I actually get nervous with who I will bump into. Classic example of when I went to Tesco to grab some ice-cream, my best friend assured me I could go make-up free and not bump into anyone we know. Well obviously, (as these things always happen to me), naturally, of course, I bump into my ex-boyfriend (who I hadn’t seen in well over two years) wearing a bucket hat (ew) parked in the car next to me. What the flip flop flap are the chances of me bumping into my ex-boyfriend in Tesco’s car park, at that exact time, when I had no makeup on, didn’t even draw on my brows on…. I was speechless. Bet that showed him what he was missing…. not much!


Therefore, I thought that this is a handy blog to have your essential products to get you out the door not quite looking like Vicky Beckham, but maybe at least a coupla’ pegs up from Vicky Pollard.


I am fully aware my roots are frizzy..

So here I go, my easy steps to prevent yourself from looking like Gollum from the bloody Lord of the Rings.


Step 1: My favourite foundation in the world, my best friend Estee (obviously), put a few dabs on my fingertips as I hate using brushes as all of the ones I have tried are – to be polite – shit! In circular motions, rub this on your face and rub into your neck so it blends.


Step 2: I apply my Nars creamy concealer under my eyes, and blend in to look funky,fresh, fleeky and fabulous. I think it is really important to find the right colour for your concealer and I always encourage getting testers before walking out of the shop. Department stores have the really nice lighting where even if you looked like the rear end of a donkey, you’d look fresh, so take my advice, and make full use of testers.


Step 3: This is without a doubt the most important step, if you walk out of the house without doing this, well then you might as well pull the trigger. Draw your for god-saken eyebrows in. I personally have really short eyebrows, if you’re blessed with bushy eyebrows that are lengthy then this does not apply to you. But if you’re anything like me, where they look as short as a club thumb, this is a must. I use my Mac Eyebrow pencil (Spike) as it’s really super thin, so you can achieve those instabrow goals so that the start of your eyebrow isn’t as thick as the end. Research shows that women are perceived being of higher status if they wear makeup. So even if your doing a B-Tech in Urban Dance, people will still think you are clever if you flip of the wrist and get your brows on fleek.


Step 4: Whip that bronzer out girl (Bronze Goddess – Estee Lauder) and get some blush on those cheeks. Bronzer is life, the only reason girls bond in the bathroom is because they are all topping up there bronzer or talking tactics how to pull the fittie in the white shirt, grey chinos and short back and sides, sitting on the far left of the room at precisely 11:45 from a North- East angle if your looking at the club from the front. I would always put bronzer lower than you think, it looks a lot more natural if it’s below your cheekbones. Less is more in this situation as you are on a tight ship my friend (I think that is the saying), no time to buff your cheeks for more than 10 seconds.


Step 5: Brush those lashes, personally I don’t have a preference in mascaras as they seem to do the damn same thang. I have tried Mac, Lancome, Estee Lauder but I am never one to buy luxury mascaras so I am currently using Rimmel which is giving me some serious volume at the moment. Being partially Asian, if I have no mascara on, no makeup and I laugh? Well, it’s safe to say I can’t see a god damn ting! My eyes disappear into those Japanese slits of mine. So mascara is really one thing for me that really makes a different and makes my eyes looks bigger which is one of my main things.


Step 6: Lippy. Get yourself a Mac lippy, I mean come on, who doesn’t have a Mac Lipstick? If you don’t have one then for goodness sake, get yourself down to Debenhams and get one. They last ages, and they have different textures whether you would like a matte finish or a shiny finish, they have everything. But please whatever you do, don’t lip line the hell out of your lips to make your lips look bigger as you look like Dolly Parton.


Overall, here is just some essentials that I use for something quick and I just want to point out that everyone has flaws. I know society is slightly warped with this whole lip filler (obviously won’t be needing that), boob jobs and plastic surgery phase. But, everyone hates something about themselves, and I am only recently learning that I don’t care if my nose is flat as fuck, or that my eyes sink into my face when I laugh as those are the cards I was dealt. There will always be girls prettier than you and uglier than you and you should just shake what your mama gave you and embrace yourself and then maybe one day (if you’re lucky), you can look like this….Picture below)



Also, as a quick side note to finish this off…. Ladies and Gents, if somebody who normally wears makeup like myself, then on the rare occasion doesn’t wear make up; do not ask me “are you ill?”. Erm no….. no I’m not ill, actually I am just going ‘au natural’ for one day of my bloody life which I now will regret doing and probably never do again….

Over and out! If anyone has any suggestions on what they would like me to blog about in the future then please let me know 🙂 Or any feedback is much appreciated.